Fall 2016

Edited by Andrea Spofford | Barry Kitterman | Amy Wright


Dream of a Pencil

Nancy Eimers

begins as wood and mineral
and ends in the aether—

lower, maybe—

a sky of cirrocumulous
like ripples on a lake.

That almost-disappearance
as of a watermark.

—I just remembered the other story
in which you were a mother and an artist.

“Among her papers,” now
it must be said—

a baby lion gently sprawled

on tracing paper,
thinnest you could find,

not in the least afraid,

soft, preliminary,
made of haste

so long ago—

these penciled almost-brushstrokes—

vagaries, who knows how loved

or needed to be,
that other life—

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Lana K.W. Austin

Anuradha Bhowmik

Lauren Camp

James Capozzi

Darren C. Demaree

Nancy Eimers

Kristen Gunther

Cathy Guo

Kimiko Hahn

Chris Hayes

Kathleen Hellen

Andrew Koch

Kristie Betts Letter

Ellyn Lichvar

Gary L. McDowell

Melissa Atkinson Mercer

Claire Paniccia

Osel Jessica Plante

F. Daniel Rzicznek

Virginia Smith Rice

Jason W. Selby

Neil Shepard

Carrie Shipers

Sue William Silverman

Tim Suermondt

John Allen Taylor

Ellie Tipton

Ruth Williams


Shuly Cawood

K.C. Mead-Brewer

Brandon Timm

Stan Lee Werlin


Jason Arment

George Choundas

Matthew Gallant

David Huddle


Kimiko Hahn


Jamal May’s The Big Book of Exit Strategies, reviewed by Robert Campbell

Katy Masuga’s The Origin of Vermilion, reviewed by Ericka Suhl


Philippe Pirrip