Fall 2012

Edited by Blas Falconer | Barry Kitterman | Amy Wright

Featured Selection / Poetry


Angela Sorby

Party at the beach!
But J refuses to go
because he can’t swim.
11 years old. All day
I watch his cuteness
break open and fall away.
He finds Etta James
on YouTube and says,
“When I’m sad, only sad
songs make me better.”
Already a needle
in his heart knows
how to find the chords
for all he’s missing: 
direct sunlight, easy listening.
Already the wax
cylinder’s spinning
its old technology of longing,
and I recognize the boys I knew
in the 80s and 90s,
who dragged me to Fallout Records
so they could “look for something.”
What? It has no name, this sadness
that feels like happiness.

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Angela Sorby

Patricia Waters

Jeff Friedman

Adrian Blevins

Laurie Clements Lambeth

K.A. Hayes

Tomasz Rozycki

F. Daniel Rzicznek

Benjamin S. Grossberg

Oliver de la Paz

Ivan Young


Phyllis Gobbell

Matthew Jurak

Eric Notaro

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Dinty W. Moore

Dana Shavin

Gerald Stern

Mariflo Stephens

Alison Stine

Nicole Walker


Mira Rosenthal


David Iacovazzi-Pau

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Tyler N. Moore

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John Folsom

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