Zone 3 Literary Journal Index

  • Wade, Julie Marie. "Holy Orders" 28.1
  • Wagner, Shari. “The Gathering” 2.1
  • Wakoski, Diane. “Reading a Letter from My Mother” 3.1
  • Waldman, Ken. “July Visit East” 4.3; “Karen’s Place” 9.2
  • Waldstein, Gail. “Fondling the Dark” 20.2
  • Walker, Nicole. "Skin of the Earth", "Going Past the Skin into Another Skin" 27.2
  • Walko, Sarah. Cover Art 26.2
  • Wallace, Susan. “Poem for My Father” 3.1
  • Wallace, Bruce. “December 21st: Last Call, Light’s Up” 3.2
  • Wallis, Jesse. "Rivera | Kahlo" 30.2
  • Walls, Martin. “Natural History, “From the Chinese of Su-Tung-P’o,” “Sugar Maple” 23.1
  • Ward, Jared. “Surviving Goliath” 23.2
  • Ward, Scott. “The Song of the River Mines” 9.2
  • Ward, Fritz. “One-Seventh of the Story,” “Letter From the Eastern Theatre” 23.2
  • Warren, Abigail. "Inexact Grace" 29.2
  • Warwick, Joanna. “Paradise: A Revision,” “The Mercies of Summer” 2.1; “The Scientific Method,” “elegy for Czesiek” 5.2
  • Warwick, Ionna. “The Great Inflation, 1919,” “From the Lost Letters of Felice Bauer to Kafka,” “Bird Milk” 7.2
  • Warzel, Pete. “Simplicity” 15.2; “Provenance” 16
  • Wasnak, Lynn. “The Chicken Man” 2.1
  • Waters, Patricia. "Foreclosure" 27.2
  • Watson, Ron. “‘East, Boy, East!’” 6.3; “Nocturne” 7.2; “Why the Mail Arrives Later on Sunny Days,” “A Traveler Meets Mona Lisa on the Road to Recovery,” “The Guys at Work Talk Basketball: Buffalo Swan Casts a Kind of Spell,” “Counting Bowheads at the Mall: Buffalo Swan Hangs Out” 13.1
  • Watson, Ellen Dore. "April Eclogue," "That's What They Do" 26.2
  • Wauters, Joey Kay. “Vivian Takes To Water” 7.2
  • Webb, Charles. “Whooping Cranes” 2.2; “Tortoises Aren’t Known for Their IQ” 5.1; “Graduation Snapshot” 10.1; “Message Stealer” 13.1
  • Webster, Diane. “First Day Out” 18
  • Wedge, George F. “Directions: Read Before Doing Anything” 2.2
  • Weeks, Daniel J. “The Meeting” 5.3
  • Weinstein, Alexander. "The City of Labarinto" 27.1
  • Westfall, Kathleen V. “What Is Left” 1.2
  • Westler, Max. “The Honeymooners” 23.2
  • Wetzsteon, Rachel. “Moonlight and Love Songs,” Apologies to an Ambulance” 20.2
  • White, Julie Herrick. “Cleaning Women” 5.1
  • Whitehead, James. “With Tom Royals I Hope to Visit Gay Ward Atwood’s Grave in Smith County, Mississippi, Some Time This Summer” 3.2
  • Whitehead, Gary J. “In the Land of Calendars,” “Voyeur,” “Coming Home” 13.1
  • Wiesenfeld, Aron. "The Night" 28.1
  • Wild, Peter. “Opera Singer” 2.2; “Wildlife Refuge” 3.2; “Montessori School” 6.2; “Old Couple,” “Back Yards” 10.1
  • Wilkes, Joshua. “Books I’ve Never Heard Of” 20.2
  • Williams, John M. “Bruce” 19
  • Willis, Dawn Diez. “Adultery” 9.2
  • Wilson, Joyce. “The Fox” 13.1; “Stone Foundation” 14.1
  • Wilson, D. Harlan. “The Storyteller” 23.2
  • Winans, Janet. “Safeway Sunday Afternoon” 3.2
  • Winckel, Nance Van. “Science Projects” 4.1; “The Job,” “Prosthetic Foot,” “Bug-Eyed,” “Original State” 25.2
  • Wineberg, Ronna. “Safety” 21.1
  • Winfree, Amanda. "Harrison Scott Key, The World's Largest Man" 30.2
  • Winston, Shannon K. “Figure and Ground,” “Microscope” 25.2; Book Review of Mule & Pear and Black Blossoms 27.1; Book Review of The City She Was, Book Review of Goodbye, Flicker 27.2; "Inner Life: Elizabeth McLagan's In the White Room" 28.1; "Vantage Points: Quotidian, Fantasy, and Experience in Julie Babcock's Autoplay" 30.1; "Mapping Ecologies: Intersections of the Biological, Archeological, Historical, and Personal in Charlotte Pence's Many Small Fires" 30.2
  • Withiam, Scott. “The Lucky Spot” 14.1
  • Wood, Joseph P. “A History of Childhood” 24.1
  • Woodbury, Marjorie. “Some Days” 3.3
  • Woodruff, Keith. “Hooks,” “Feeding the Pig” 11.2
  • Woods, Christopher. “Boneyard Elegy,” “Coach” 1.1
  • Woodward, Joe. “The Decemberists” 25.2
  • Woollen, Ian. “Eye Contact” 11.2
  • Worley, Jeff. “Bearing Witness,” “In Response to a Long Distance Call,” “Why Pitchers Should Bat” 4.3; “The Name,” “Husbands on Benches at the Mall,” “For Miles Abrams, Appearing Tonight in Kansas City” 6.2; “A Little Night Music at the Olsen’s Cabin Near Deary, Idaho,” “In The Examination Room” 7.3; “Longing” 16
  • Worozbyt, Theodore. “Split” 20.2
  • Wyatt, Charles. “Medusa’s Sisters” 12.1

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