Zone 3 Literary Journal Index

  • Safford, Charles. “Thunderbird” 6.3
  • Sagan, Miriam. “Trailer” 4.1
  • Saiser, Marjorie. “Neighborhood Brunch” 7.3; “Resurrection” 8.2; “The Grackle,” “I Imagine How I Got My Name” 9.1; “Once” 9.2; “Being My Father,” “Golden” 10.1; “Wanting to Write,” “I Want This Picture,” “Asking” 10.2; “When I Tell My Granddaughter of the Downy Gentian,” “The Cleaning Wind,” “My Mother Killing Snakes” 11.2; “Today” 12.1; “I Watched the Funeral,” “Perfume Counter, Dilliards” 14.1; “No Cell Phones in My Restaurant,” “His Life Trails Like a Comet’s Hair,” “You Don’t Have to Use Everything” 18
  • Samyn, Mary Ann. “A Girl Can Imagine, Can’t She, A Girl Can Dream,” “From The Little Book of Female Mystics,” “Incredibly Small and Impossibly Lovely,” “What Have We Here,” “Bring Yourself Along,” 24.1
  • Sanchez, Sandra. “A Modern Peruvian Tale” 20.1
  • Sandella, T.J. "Kayaking, Early Morning" 29.2
  • Sanders, David. “He Was Once” 7.1
  • Sandler, Michael. "When Literature Made Something Happen" 30.2
  • Savoie, Terrence. “Love Poem,” “Farm Auction: Muscatine County, Iowa” 6.1
  • Scarbrough, George. “Old Man Hill-Climbing on Sunday,” “The Mill on the Cestua,” “Early Autumn” 1.1; “Invitation to Kim” 1.2; “Nooning” 3.1; “The Field Trip,” “Schoolhouse Hill” 4.2; “Vernacular,” “Luck” 9.2; “Day’s End” 12.1; “Scantlings” 12.2
  • Scarbrough, Carolyn W. “Katie-Bug” 23.2
  • Scheele, Roy. “Reins” 3.3
  • Schiffman, Richard. "Driftwood Religion" 26.2
  • Schmeltzer, Michael. "Elegy/Shore" 29.2
  • Schmitt, Kate. "Rapunzel" 28.1
  • Schulten, Emily. "The Way a Wound Becomes a Scar" 29.2
  • Schwartz, Ruth. “The City,” “After the Killed Bird” 7.2
  • Schwerin, Leslie. "California" 26.2
  • Scotellaro, Robert. “Clearing Out the Closet” 4.1; “Quest for Fire” 5.1; “Legs” 18
  • Scott, Herbert. “My Blind Grandfather” 3.2
  • Selinger, Hannah. “Land of the Midnight Sun” 22.2
  • Sewell, Lisa. “At the Heart of the Season” 7.2
  • Sexton, Tom. “Berry Pickers” 2.2
  • Shackelford, Marvin. "Minor Planets" 29.2
  • Shaffar, Kate. “Rosalee” 22.2
  • Shaheen, Glenn. “New Model Honeybee” 23.1
  • Sharkey, Lee. “Carpathian Ruthenia, 1937,” “Lublin, 1937” 9.2; “Warsaw, 1937” 10.1; “More Light,” “The Soft Lens Goes Shopping,” 11.2 “Wherever Here Is,” “My Mother’s Father by the Dneiper” 12.1; “When Celia Returned to Her Village” 12.2
  • Shavin, Dana. "The Rat" 27.2
  • Shea, Don. “You Don’t Bring Me Flowers Anymore” 24.2
  • Sheldon, William. “Learning to Swim” 11.2
  • Sheppard, Susan. “Good Friday,” “Final Words,” “The Viewing,” “The Severed Head,” “Given,” “You Ask Me How I Feel As” 6.1
  • Shipers, Carrie. “Ghost Traffic” 24.2
  • Shoaf, Diann Blakely. “Annunciation,” “The Traveler” 4.1
  • Shockey, Kama. "Daisy-Chained" 30.1
  • Shrum, Kory. “An Interview with David Keplinger” 22.2; “1988,” “The Looking Glass” 23.1
  • Shuttleworth, Paul. “Mud-Eyed and Tight-Wristed,” “Autumn Sets In” 1.1; “In Glenwood Springs for the Dedication of a New Tombstone for Doc Holiday” 3.1
  • Sickels, Noelle. “In Domestic Service” 19
  • Siegel, Joan I. “Soundings,” “Last Song” 24.2; "The Last Quartets of Schubert" 29.2
  • Siegrist, Saudamini. "Inheritance," "Archeologist at Work" 29.1
  • Simms, Kristina M. “Lake Blackshear Saturday” 10.2
  • Simpson, Grace. “In the Storm Shelter,” “Bat in the House,” “Dry Run” 3.1; “Prodigal,” “Homecoming” 5.2; “Pop Call from Jesus,” “Speech Lessons” 6.2; “After a Morning Reading Poetry” 8.2; “Immersion at Salt Marsh Creek” 12.2; “The Skater” 16
  • Simpson, Batista. “The Lonely Man’s Date with Geneva,” “Geneva Gives a Command” 3.3
  • Sirowitz, Hal. “Close Quarters” 1.1
  • Sisson, Annette. “Clutching the Ice,” “Solar Eclipse” 7.3
  • Sjolie, Dennis. “Gunshot Residue” 24.1
  • Skillings, R.D. “No Escape for Yours Truly” 13.2
  • Skinner, Knute. “The Fight” 6.3
  • Sklar, Daniel. “March Winds” 2.1
  • Skolfield, Karen. "Wait Five Minutes," "Rock Hall Harbor, Pencil and Acrylic, Unfinished," "For Peace Offerings, You Have to Bake it Yourself," "Where Babies Come From" 28.1
  • Sloan, De Villo. “Dogs Corners” 15.1
  • Smith, Mike. “Robert Lowell” 21.1
  • Smith, Patricia. “Doctor Feelgood” 7.2
  • Smith, R.T. “Bear Mischief” 5.3; “Pip” 6.3
  • Smith, Ron. “Queen’s College, Oxford” 3.1
  • Smith, MaryRuth. “First Trout” 10.2
  • Smith, Erin Elizabeth. "The Deer," "Gastronomy" 28.1
  • Smith, David James. “Storm Birds” 8.1
  • Smith, Ellen. “Adoration of the Magi” 8.2
  • Smock, Frederick. “Venison” 20.1; “Doves” 23.2
  • Sobeloff, Judy. “From He to She for the Very Young" 23.1
  • Sommers, Ephraim Scott. "The Singer Sets the Town on Fire to Get Himself Seen," "Shovel Psalm" 30.2
  • Sorby, Angela. “Mountain of Names” 22.2; "Wide Boulevard, Tiny Apartment," "Fallout" 27.2
  • Sorenson, Sally Jo. “Freak” 4.1
  • Sosin, Deborah. "The Game Changer" 26.2
  • Spacks, Barry. “In My Movie about Papa Hemingway,” “The Blind Girl at the Bus Stop” 3.1
  • Spann, Jeri. “Cat Catcher,” “Temple Court,” “Radish” 7.2
  • Speer, Laurel. “‘I Fall Upon the Thorns of Life! I Bleed!’” 3.1
  • Spera, Gabriel. “Opossum,” “An Explanation,” “The Pantry Moths in the Pheromone Trap” 26.1
  • Spilman, Richard. "Assisted Suicide" 26.2
  • Spireng, Matthew J. “The Girl on the Swing” 7.3; “Aerial Photograph” 8.2; “First Flight” 13.1; “Young Farmer Lends His Pair of Draft Horses to a Neighbor for a Day,” “Where the Sandbox Was” 18; “Translation of a Poem I’ve Never Written” 23.1; “Migrating Swallows, Assateague” 24.1
  • Spiro, Peter. “Clouds,” “Mugged” 7.2
  • Sproul, Tim. “Feeling the Train, Finding You” 23.1
  • Stafford, William. “Getting Out” 1.2
  • Stasiowski, Carole A. “After a Friend is Attacked,” “Nights on the Rowing Machine,” “On Rollerblades” 9.1; “Haircut,” “Habits of Loss,” “Refusing to Sell the House” 10.2; “Ice Storm, 1958,” “Choice” 11.2
  • Staudt, David. “Return to Port, December,” “Evening Service” 10.1
  • St. Clair, Philip. “Water,” “Hopscotch,” “Flag,” “Robe” 2.2; “Visit” 4.2
  • Steele, Marilyn. “Singing in Tree” 24.2
  • Steele, Frank. “When You are Absent,” “National Geographic,” “from The Gallery of Childhood Celebrity: Johnny Weissmuller,” “from The Gallery of Childhood Celebrity: Hemingway” 4.1
  • Stein, Hannah. “Relearning Love’s Rhymes” 13.1
  • Stein, Kevin. “How It Went,” “On the Escalator at Sears,” “In the Field That Separates My Lot from His,” “After Clearing Fence Rows in September, When the Days Get Short” 6.1
  • Stein, Alex. “The Romance of Krupcek” 24.2
  • Stepan, Tanya. “In the Country” 23.1
  • Stephens, Mariflo. "Of This Place" 27.2; "First and Female" 28.1
  • Sterle, Francine. “Soap Carving” 2.2
  • Stern, Gerald. "Neighbors IV," "I Knew Some of Them, but They All Knew Me" 27.2
  • Steward, D. E. “Julett” 26.1
  • Stiffler, Randall. “Fish Story” 7.2
  • Stigman, Michael. “The Waiter” 20.1
  • Stillman, Peter. “Scattering Him,” “One for Junior Bissell,” “John Edwards’ Wake,” “Buddy and Lamarre,” “Picking” 12.2
  • Stine, Alison. "The Last Hotel" 27.2
  • Storey, Gail D. "Street-Smart vs. Wilderness-Wise," "From the sexual to the spiritual, the serious to the outrageously comic" 28.1
  • Stover, Dean. “Neon Woman” 3.3; “Naps,” “Bill of Sale” 5.2; “Sunday Picnics” 6.2; “Irrigation” 10.2
  • Streckfus, Katherine. “Wedding Night” 7.2
  • Struthers, Ann. “Whittier Snow-Bound,” “Lucky White Stones” 4.2; “Ice Skating on the Concord River,” “The Boat” 5.2; “The Alcott Family Arrives,” “The Alcott Girls,” “Communal Farming,” “The Last Days of the Commune,” “Louisa May Alcott in 1858,” “Alcott’s Stand” 7.1; “The Muses of New England” 8.2; “Star Routes” 19
  • Stuart, Jane. “Why I Think I Really Am in Love with Frank” 21.1
  • Stuart, Dabney. “Narcissus Dreaming” 4.1
  • Studer, Constance. “Dear Dr. Williams, Dear Poet” 6.1
  • Suarez, Virgil. “No Work Poem #3”; “Leavers,” “Muñeca” 16
  • Suds, Doc. "Legacy" 29.2
  • Suermondt, Tim. “Stanley the Magician” 5.3

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