Zone 3 Literary Journal Index

  • Macioci, R. Nikolas. “Sympathy for Women Who Struggle Against Men and Mortality for a Moment of Tenderness,” “The Waiter at Lake Louise” 4.2
  • MacKenzie, Ginny. “The History of Sound,” “The Rainy Season” 6.3
  • Mackinnon, Margaret. "The Artist as Minor Character" 29.2
  • Maginnes, Al. “The Healing Power of Scars” 7.2; “Repast,” “Two Black T-Shirts” 13.1
  • Majka, Sara. “Green Street” 21.2
  • Makofske, Mary. “As My Father Declines, I Dream the Doctor” 1.2; “How He Could Be Known,” “Eating Nasturtiums” 6.2; “First Kill” 12.1; “Night of Moving House” 23.1; “Not Love, Exactly” 24.1; “Wild,” “Ligament” 25.2
  • Malawista, Kerry L.. "Puttanesca" 27.1
  • Malesich, Jennifer. “Foreign Film Without Subtitles” 23.2
  • Manesis, John. “Sam Spade & Co.” 9.2; “Houdini’s Metamorphosis” 18
  • Marion, Paul. “The Blackfeet Indian Pencil” 2.1
  • Marion, Jeff Daniel. “Groundhog Day Meditation: A Letter to Ginny Nash,” “The Muskrat” 4.1; “The Wild Geese,” “For the Black Snake in My Attic,” “In Early Fall the Chinese Poet and His Dog Decide to Take a Stroll Along the River Road,” “Alone at the Mountain’s Summit the Chinese Poet Reflects on the Age-Old Questions” 10.1
  • Marquart, Deb. “Acts of Preservation” 6.1
  • Martin, Man. "Pascal's Triangle" 29.1
  • Martin, Paul. “Brothers” 5.3
  • Martin, Lee. "A Month of Sundays" 29.2
  • Martinelli, Beth. “An Apology to Winter,” “Hibernation,” “A Poem for Winter,” “Kentwood Hospital” 20.1
  • Martone, Michael. “Anton Chekhov Writes to His Friend, William Sydney Porter, in the Columbus, Ohio, Federal Penitentiary”; "The Mother of the Muses" 25.1
  • Masuga, Katy. “Ferlinghetti Motel” 23.2
  • Matthews, Philip. "Dukkha" 27.2
  • May, Theresa. “Sleeping Beauty’s Mother” 3.1
  • May, Kathy. “The Last Car” 7.2
  • Mayes, Michael. “Advice to My Brother on His Miscellaneous Birthday” 9.1
  • Mayo, Wendell. "His Mother, from a Great Distance" 29.1
  • Mays, Zoë. "And Symmetry" 30.2
  • McBrearty, Robert. “The Things I Don’t Know About” 12.2
  • McBride, William F.. “Apology for Miss Emily” 1.1; “Certified Winner and the Flood” 1.2
  • McCallum, Ramona. “Bringing Her Back” 16
  • McCallum, Shara. “Two Apples, One for Rachel,” “For Nomi,” “Sea Grape” 22.2
  • McCann, Janet. “Assembling the Wedding Cake” 6.2
  • McCloskey, Mark. “Brueghel” 1.2; “The Schoolgirls’ Farmhouse,” “Combs for My Sister,” “Daughter” 4.2; “The Truth About My Daughter,” “Ma and Me on Death” 6.2; “Peregrine’s Ashes” 15.2
  • McCormick, Kathleen. “At the Kitchen Window” 22.2
  • McCrae, Shane. “The First,” “Seeds (Isaac Adams)” 25.2
  • McDermott, Sharon F.. “Amnesia: The Heart” 10.1; “The Burial” 10.2; “Eat” 18
  • McDonald, Walter. “In the Attic” 1.2; “Old-Time Carpe Diem Jukebox,” “After the Massive Feedlots,” “Living in Old Adobe,” “Mail and the Laws of Mercy” 5.1; “My Brother and the Attic Fire” 6.3; “The Middle Years” 10.1; “Returning to the Scene,” “Bogeyman: 1 969” 12.1
  • McDowell, Gary L. . "Love Letter to Vacation," "Lines for Florida" 29.1
  • McGregor, Marsha. "Before You Go" 29.2
  • McGuiness, Daniel. “Script for Docents” 2.2
  • McGuire, Caitlin. "A Good Day's Work" 29.2
  • McKenna, James. “Rev. Paul Clare, Green St.” 8.2
  • McLagan, Elizabeth. "What I Said," "Prelude for Two Voices," "After the Mendelssohn Octet" 28.1
  • McRay, Paul. “Over the Rainbow,” “Going to the Dance” 13.1
  • Meads, Kat. "Beds: a Reveriem" "A String Zinging Out into Infinite Blue" (interview) 29.1
  • Meinke, Peter. “Magnolia” 10.2; “Letting Go,” “Francis,” “The Open” 11.2
  • Meléndez, Maria. “Song to Levitate the Pentagon” 21.2
  • Melvin, Lydia. “In Search,” “Elegy for Angela at Eight,” “Psalm” 21.2
  • Mengert, Christina. “from Anatomy of Ascent” 24.2
  • Merino, Ana. "Adoracion nocturna," "Desamor" 29.2
  • Mesa, Helena. “Sway This Night,” “The Art of Storytelling,” “Tonight, No Sleep” 21.1
  • Mesa, Lauren. “Fishing with Indians,” “Winslow,” “Describing an Arc,” “At the Prado,” “So Many New Words for Light” 5.3
  • Messer, Sarah. “Passage to Monhegan” 7.2
  • Messer, R.E.. “Fathering,” “Grief” 2.1
  • Met, Jennifer. "No Enemy" 30.2
  • Miller, Brenda. “On Tongues” 23.2
  • Miller, Philip. “Like It Was,” “In the Looking Glass” 5.3
  • Miller, William. “Guardian Angel” 5.1
  • Miller, Daniel. "Nesting" 30.1
  • Miller, Carolyn. “Poem for My Childhood,” “Swimming” 6.2; “Dear Tom,” “Poem,” “Walking on Potrero Hill,” “April on the Coast,” “Float Trip on the Big Piney,” “Picking Blackberries, Stinson Beach” 15.1
  • Mills, Wilmer Hastings. “Wind Chimes for Gladys,” “Horse to the Water” 8.1
  • Minnick, Norman. “An Omelet” 23.2
  • Minton, Helena. “Blackout” 5.1
  • Mitcham, Judson. “Music Fades Away,” “Delusion” 2.1
  • Molberg, Jenny. “Floodplain,” “On the Ferry from Dover to Calais” 23.1
  • Monahan, Jean. “You Can Lead a Horse to Water” 9.2
  • Monson, Ander. “Keyboarding” 25.1
  • Moore, Tyler N.. “An Interview with David Keplinger” 22.2; Book Review of I Hear Voices: A Memoir of Love, Death, and the Radio 27.1; Book Review of Permanent Vaction 27.2; "Moonshards and Oxgrass: a Review of Amanda Auchter's The Wishing Tomb" 28.1
  • Moore, Ellen E.. “Dancing in the Living Room” 6.3
  • Moore, Tori. “Dying as a Change of Scenery” 24.1
  • Moore, Berwyn. “Standing in Line at the Grocery Store” 2.1
  • Moore, Dinty W.. "Buried Alive," "I'm Not Fond of Making Things Up" 27.2
  • Morales, Juan J.. “Peddling the New World” 25.2
  • Moreau, Dan. “Cuttlefish” 26.1
  • Morgan, Jack. “At the College Street Barber Shop” 11.2
  • Morphew, Melissa. “Rapture,” “Obedience,” “Icon,” “Illumination” 15.1
  • Morris, Darren. “Sweet Cream,” “Scoiatollo: Negligee:: Luminosities:” 24.2
  • Moscaliuc, Mihaela. “Sunday Mother” 24.1
  • Mountain, Alicia. "With Holding Hands," "What if the Drought Stayed" 30.2
  • Mulkey, Richard. “Valentine Letter for My Father,” “Desert Rain” 7.1; “Virunga Volcanoes: Karisoke Research Center, 1985,” “Dian Fossey on the Plane to Kenya Dreams of Africa: December 1966” 10.1
  • Mulroy, Tara Mae. "That Ache" 29.1
  • Muratori, Fred. “Plant Closing” 2.1
  • Murphy, Yvonne. “The Mangrove” 25.1
  • Murphy, Devin. “The Names of Wind” 26.1
  • Murray, Joddy. “Fertility” 21.1
  • Murrey, Matthew. “When He Gets Home From Work at 1:00 am” 5.2
  • Must, Dennis. “Marine Band” 20.2

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