Zone 3 Literary Journal Index

  • Hadaway, Meredith Davies. “The River Once Again” 23.1
  • Haines, Dawn. "The Wildmen" 26.2
  • Hall, Kathryn. “In Daddy’s Café,” “Auction” 10.1
  • Hall, Daniel. “What’s Wrong,” “Then” 20.1
  • Hall, Joe. “A Bubble Coming Up Through Rust” 25.2
  • Hallgreen, Stephanie. “Painter in the Bush,” “Blind Sister” 1.1
  • Hallman, J. C.. “Books Make Me Masturbate” 25.1
  • Halme, Kathleen. “St. John the Baptist” 3.3
  • Halpine, Roxanne. “Postcard from Salzburg” 23.2
  • Hamburger, Aaron. "The Safe Word" 30.2
  • Hamilton, Carol. "Trees of My State" 29.1
  • Handler, Joan Cusack. “Instruments, Weapons, Tools,” “Shares” 14.1
  • Hanson, Julie Jordan. “Centerpiece and Surplus” 11.2; “Providers,” “’You Mean You Live Here,” 14.1
  • Hardin, Jeff. “Good Boys” 4.3; “Gravel Roads at Big Ivy,” “The Dead” 5.1; “Evening in a Field” 6.1; “The Man Inside the House,” “Camping in the Perry Hollow” 8.1; “The Grass Cutter” 8.2; “An Uncertain Gesture” 9.1; “Pasture,” “Mnemonic Couplets,” “November Couplets,” “Towns Like Ours,” “Perennial, Dissolution,” “Primer” 18; “A Place for What Arrives,” “Never a Sad Ending” 21.2
  • Harris, Lisa. “Fire” 24.1
  • Harrod, Lois Marie. “Lies to My Lover,” “Stocking Shelves,” “Everything Continues” 4.2; “The Failure of Imagination” 5.3; “For My Daughter Kate on Her Sixteenth Birthday” 6.3; “Bats in Mercury Vapor Lamplight” 8.1; “The Sound of Birds in the Rain” 10.1; “The Sun in Winter” 12.1; “In the Museum of Night” 16; “What the Polar Bear Sings,” “The Heart” 18
  • Harshman, Marc. “Now” 1.1
  • Hart, John. "Virgil in Paradise" 28.1
  • Harvey, Gayle Ellen. “Whippoorwills at Grampa’s Farm” 6.1; “Elegy for the Former Yugoslavia,” “Painting the Light” 20.1
  • Harvey, Phil. “Ritu’s Marriage” 21.1
  • Haven, Chris. "Terrible Emmanuel Considers the Knife" 30.1
  • Haverty, Charles. "The Scream" 29.1
  • Hawk, Heather Beecher. "It's the Land that Wants You" 30.2
  • Hayes, Jack. “A Portrait from the Family of Man” 8.2
  • Hayes, Chris. “And I Blamed Everything” 23.1
  • Haymon, Ava Leavell. “Sunday Wart Charm,” “Big Sister,” “The Dress” 3.2; “You Can See It in the Architecture” 6.3; “The Holy Ghost in a Church Schism” 8.2; “Stepfather” 10.1; “Crossing the Pass,” “Rhododendron Forest on the Last Ascent,” “Waking” 1
  • Haynes, Robert E.. “Dear Son, I’m Really Looking Forward To” 3.1; “A Stranger Hurrying Home to Dinner” 19
  • Hays, K. A.. "First Less" 27.2
  • Heim, Scott. “Lisa’s Skin” 5.1; “The Readers,” “Susan Moreno” 7.1
  • Hemingway, Vanessa. “Revelations” 24.1
  • Hendon, Judy. “Martians” 8.1
  • Hennessy, Eileen. “Eurydice, Saved” 21.1
  • Henning, Dianna. “When the Sun on a Boy’s Back Becomes Moonlight” 8.2; “Did He Think About His Foot When He Went Into the Water…?” 9.2 Hey, Phil. “Borders,” “Harvest, New Style” 4.2; “Route 39 South of Pittsville,” “Waiting for the Angels,” “And So I Told Him,” “Listening on the Floor” 6.2; “One Over the Fence” 12.1
  • Hertog, Judith. "The Red and the Black" 29.1
  • Hicok, Bob. "My Listening Was Mumbling" (reprint); "The Switch and the Faucet" (interview) 29.2
  • Higgins, Eric. “Where the Story Is,” “Family History” 21.2
  • Hill, John Meredith. “Second Time in a Month My Kid Brother Ran Away from Home,” “Ninth Grade Bio,” “Deeper,” “Small Wheeze” 3.2; “The Wonder of It,” “Along the Skunk” 8.2; “Adirondack” 9.2; “Mary with Ben” 12.1; “Public Relations” 14.1; “Norwegians in Late Autumn, the Upper Midwest,” “Lyric Poetry” 18
  • Hill, Garrett. “Fires” 15.2
  • Hix, H. L.. "But Nothing Visible," "As If We Were, As If We Were," "Better Over Than Across" 27.1
  • Hochman, Will. “Electrotherapy” 8.1
  • Hochmuth, Philippe. “Flight of the Angel” 20.2
  • Holinger, Richard. “Corn Dogs and Wheaties” 6.1
  • Holman, Amy. “Imprint” 13.1
  • Holmes, Tom. "Gravediggers," "Envoi" 30.1
  • Holmes, Margaret. “Bird” 25.1
  • Hooker, Eva. “All Through Mothering,” “And Someone Said About Ecstasy: It Is a Loneliness” 25.1
  • Hopcroft, Suzanne Marie. "Love Poem for a Windy Girl," "Elegy for a Living Vastness" 29.1
  • Hopes, David. “Anna” 1.1
  • Huddle, David. "What to Say About What She's Got" 26.2
  • Hudson, Mark. “On Hearing of the Fighting in Tripoli,” “A Figure of Christ as the First Element” 3.1
  • Huggins, Peter. “First Job” 9.2
  • Hughes, Henry. “My Shark” 4.2; “Eating Whale” 10.1
  • Hunley, Tom C.. “What Can Be Said About the Beautiful-from-a-Distance Elegant Etcetera in the Broken Syllables of Our Imperfect Tongues?” 25.1
  • Hurlow, Marcia L.. “Start the Engines” 3.2
  • Huss, Steven W. . “Illegals” 1.2
  • Hutchison, Joseph. “The Effects of Light” 2.2; “Vander Meer,” “Vander Meer in Transit” 6.2; “Evening on Loveland Pass” 8.1; “North Country,” “Interlude” 16

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