Zone 3 Literary Journal Index

  • Cadnum, Michael. “The City of Flood,” “Cherry Valley,” “Abiding” 18
  • Cairns, Scott. “Yellow” 4.2
  • Calbert, Cathleen. “Beyond the Power of Positive Thinking” 8.2; “Morphine” 14.1
  • Callahan, Jennifer. “American Music in India” 14.1
  • Campbell, Robert. "Song of the Lepidopterist," "In the Herald of Improbable Misfortunes," "What the Giant Squid Sees," "Playing with the Dark: Nancy Eimer's Oz" (review) 28.1; "The Thunder of Our Histories: Revising the Storm by Geffrey Davis (review) 29.2; "Adam Tavel, Plash and Levitation" (review) 30.2
  • Cantwell, Kevin. “Salt” 12.1
  • Carlson, Martha. “Properties of Matter” 18, “Attaining the True Reading,” “R” 26.1
  • Carson, Ricks. "Answer” 8.1
  • Carson, Julia. “What Might Show Up Again” 1.1
  • Carter, Jared. “Picking Stone” 16
  • Carter, Tamara. “None of This Can Be Explained” 10.1
  • Carter, Michaela. “Wanting More of Her” 22.2
  • Cartwright, Keith. “Canal Street Exit” 6.3; “Bucketful of Blues” 8.1
  • Case, Jennifer. "The Deckled Edge" 30.2
  • Casey, Alicia. “Stripping My Recollection,” “Our Lady of Tennessee Christian” 23.1
  • Caskie, Mark. “Japanese Print” 7.1
  • Cecil, Richard. “December Song” 1.2; “Suburban Dream” 2.2; “Breakfast at Forty-Two” 3.2
  • Chamberlain, Steve. “Trapping Birds” 7.2
  • Chapman, Sean. “Waves of Distance” 11.2
  • Chatfield, Mary P.. “Simile” 21.1
  • Chávez, John. “Autobiography of Cut Paper” 26.1
  • Chávez, Lisa D.. “Loss, or the Moment Just After,” “Stormy Windows,” “Toby in the Garden” 20.2
  • Chertok, Alex. "Child watching a nature documentary." 29.2
  • Chitwood, Michael. “Charon at the Esso” 5.2; “The Short Bridges into Evening” 6.3; “Potent, the Bottles,” “Wisteria,” “In the Grain” 25.2
  • Christianson, Noah. “Exculpation” 14.1
  • Christina, Martha. “On Thin Ice” 1.2; “Crib Notes” 2.2; “From the Night Garden, the Eggplant Speaks” 3.3; “Inheritance,” “No Pretending,” “Before and After Dolores” 4.1; “Driving,” “Night Sledding,” “At Blithewold Gardens, Off-Season” 7.2
  • Churney, Kyle. “The Time in Ireland” 25.1
  • Chute, Stephen. “Fixing Things,” “The Chair” 7.2; “The Parents Below” 9.1
  • Citro, Christopher. "The Construction of a Massive Concrete Dam" 30.2
  • Clark, Patricia. “Risen from the Underworld” 24.2
  • Clark, Matt. “Devil’s Food” 13.2
  • Clark, Kevin. "The Divorced Vet Teaches His Daughter How to Surf" 30.2
  • Clompus, Brad. “Wading, Block Island” 18
  • Coats, Robert. “The Time I Drowned” 12.1
  • Cofer, Judith Ortiz. “Seizing the Day” 2.1
  • Cohen, Bruce. “Beautiful Eunice” 7.3
  • Colburn, Don. “At Kennedy & Georgia” 8.2; “As If Gravity Were a Theory” 10.2; “The Hill” 13.1
  • Coleman, Ralph S.. “To Price’s Store” 11.2
  • Collier, Taylor. "Hysterical," "The Man Upstairs" 30.2
  • Comerford, Will. “The Famous” 23.1
  • Conley, Francine. “Kin” 14.1
  • Contogenis, Constantine. “Silt” 21.1
  • Cooke, Robert P.. “Christmas Trip” 10.1
  • Cooper, Truman M.. “For Anorectics Who Follow a White Bird,” “The White Clown” 2.1; “Beyond Hansel and Gretel,” “The Blue Room” 4.2; “Dancing with the Leader of the Blue Moon Band” 5.2; “Talking to an Old Stranger,” “A Phase of the Waxing Moon,” “Lipstick” 6.2; “Our New Act,” “Spanish Heard Through Oranges” 7.2
  • Cooperman, Robert. “Samuel Taylor Coleridge Remembers His Brother Francis,” “Solomon Gordon, on the Brink of Oregon’s Statehood, 1858,” “The Family Tree of Kevin Michael Joyce” 3.3; “First Names,” “Summer, 1952,” “Hiding a Jewish Family in Poland during World War II” 4.3; “Sylvia Williams, Boarding House Owner (Silver Dollar,Colorado Territory, 1881)” 6.3; “Homes” 15.1
  • Cordova, Steven. “At the North Sea” 21.2
  • Corey, Stephen. “The Worst Dream” 2.2
  • Cortese, Katie. “Bitter, Sweet, Salt” 20.2
  • Cosgrove, Kay. “A Perfect Animal” 26.1
  • Coshnear, Daniel. “New Job” 15.2
  • Cost, Mary Coolidge. “Here” 14.1
  • Coughlin, Steven. "My Admirer" 30.2
  • Coulehan, Jack. “Finches” 3.3
  • Courtright, Nick. “Trespass” 21.2
  • Cowser, Robert. “To the Valedictorian of the Class” 4.2; “The Widows at Home” 10.1; “A Father Writes His Son in the Army” 13.1
  • Cox, Dinah. “Remarkable” 24.2
  • Cox, Andrew. “The Picture Show” 4.2
  • Coyne, Peter. “Men Measure Other Men,” “July 3rd” 2.1
  • Crane, Julia. "Twelfth Spring" 30.2
  • Crenshaw, Paul. "Excerpts, Pictures, Lightning, and Thunder" 30.1
  • Crone, Moira. "Cruel Things" 29.2
  • Crooker, Barbara. “Scattered Frost” 5.2; “Zero at the Bone” 19
  • Crooks, Joan. “Talisman” 10.1
  • Crutchfield, John. “The Art of Persuasion,” “A Note on the Author,” “Criticism,” “Literary Agent,” “Sonnet” 21.2
  • Cummings, Darcy. “What Love Was Like at Gloucester City Pool,” “Coming Home Late” 11.2
  • Cutter, Weston. "In the Evidence Room" 30.2

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