Zone 3 Literary Journal Index

  • Aal, Katharyn Machan. “Sabrina Peterson,” “Margaret Ryan” 1.2
  • Aarnes, William. “Gallant” 3.3
  • Ahlschwede, Margrethe. “How a Dead Man Speaks,” “Nothing Connected with Mothers Is Biodegradable” 9.1
  • Alberhasky, Peggy Sue. "Making Circles" 2.2
  • Albrizio, Connie. “I’m Going Back” 16
  • Alcala, Rosa. “My Country, My Wet Nurse,” “Domestic Poem #1,” “Domestic Poem #2” 25.2
  • Aldrich, Marcia. "The Stronger One," "Just These Kinds of Questions" (interview) 29.2
  • Alessio, Carolyn. “Apparition in the Soup Kitchen” 9.1
  • Alexie, Sherman. "Sonnet, with Elevation," "Sonnet, with Vengence" 26.2
  • Alford, John. "The Rule" 26.2
  • Allen, Paul. “The Day Spike Eisland Went Home” 8.2
  • Allen, Gilbert. “Commandments at Eleven” 2.1; “Almost” 3.3; “Watching It Die” 4.2; “Making Tea for the Millennium” 18
  • Allen, Boyd C.. “Cover Enough To Sing” 1.1
  • Altfeld, Heather. "Travelogue of the Orphelines" 28.1
  • Anderson, Erik. “Heath Ledger is Dead” 23.2; "Flutter Point" 29.2
  • Andrews, Elizabeth W.. “Tulip Bulbs” 13.1
  • Ankney, Christopher. "Two Starved Horses," "Brother Tongue" 29.1
  • Annucci, Marilyn. “Watery Thoughts” 8.1; “A Place to Call Home,” “Love on the Battleground” 10.2
  • Anonymous, (Finn) singer. “From Kanteletar (trans. by Jascha Kessler and Kirsti (Simonsuuri)” 3.1; “The Lonely Man,” “Why Bad Things Happen to Good People” 5.2
  • Anstett, Aaron. “House With No Chimney Windows Full of Smoke,” “Cheap Drinks, Loads of Talent” 10.1; "A Legacy" 30.1
  • Armantrout, Rae. “Versed,” “Results,” “Unbidden” reprinted 24.2; “Another Definition of Lyric is Attention”
  • Armstrong, Mary. “All the Possibilities” 8.2
  • Arnold, Chip. “Having My Say” 15.2
  • Asaph, Philip. “Some Freaky Girl Some Freaky Winter” 25.2
  • Asher, Mark. “Da Vinci” 8.2
  • Asta, L. M.. "Race Track" 28.1
  • Atkinson, Michael. “Rapunzel,” “An Island in the Sound” 10.1; “Butterflies,” “My Left Eye,” “Half Sister” 16; “Dashboard Highball,” “This Year’s Marriage Poem” 21.1
  • Atkinson, Charles. “First Secret,” “Reading Others’ Epiphanies,” “Just Stand Up” 5.2; “Haircut,” “Hindsight” 9.2; “Waiting for Vermont,” “Where the Imagination Can Go: My Brother Loses a Wife,” “Separation” 10.2; “Late Ecstasy, Route 90” 14.1
  • Auchter, Amanda. “St. John's Eve” “The Heel String Gang” 26.1
  • Avery, Brian. “Driving Without a Map” 8.2
  • Babcock, Squire. "Hearts on Fire" 29.1
  • Backstrom, Kirsten. “Holes,” “Wing” 9.1
  • Baker, David. "Hyper-," "Morning and Afternoon" reprinted 28.1; "The Colloquial, the Intense Voice" 28.1
  • Baker, Hannah. “Newton: Axioms, or the Laws of Motion, 1686” 21.2
  • Banning, Elizabeth. “Watershed” 22.2
  • Barber, Sarah. "Color Fictionalism," "Doorstop," "Cinnamologus" 30.1
  • Barks, Coleman. “A Walk in the Botanical Garden,” “Early Spring Evening,” “When I Sleep,” “Green Rocks,” “Kindling,” “A Water Tower,” “A Wish,” “A Life-Dream” 4.3; “Witness” 25.2
  • Barnes, Jim. “Hunting Winding Stair Mountain” 3.3
  • Barrows, Anita. “Miscarriage” 7.2
  • Bassett, Fred. “Waiting for Rain and Redemption” 15.1
  • Bauer, Joan E.. “Flight Surgeon Colonel John Paul Stapp The Fastest Man in the World” 22.2
  • Baxter, Bart E.. “Women in Hats” 13.1
  • Beede, Gayle Jansen. “At the Gravesites, Willits” 3.3; “What Isn’t Lost” 5.2
  • Belair, Mark. "The Pocket Watch," "Playgroup" 30.2
  • Bell, Francesca. "Field Trips" 29.2
  • Bell, Bridget. "They’ve Spotted Funnel Clouds" 25.2
  • Benedict, Elinor. “Meditation on an Alabaster Egg,” “At Ease” 8.2
  • Best, B.J.. "the men who think they are glaciers," "duckweed" 29.1
  • Bhuyan, Shanti. “Dehorning Calves” 5.2
  • Bilgere, George. “Wanton Boys,” “HBO,” “Stampede” 6.2
  • Bill, Jim. “What the Cool Roots Give” 8.1; “Prunes” 10.2; “Account,” “Vacation” 11.2
  • Black, Candace. “Favorite View: Southwest From the Kitchen” 18
  • Black, David. “Carving a Gunstock: For My Brother” 9.2
  • Blackman, Sarah. "Where My Fathers Died" 26.2
  • Blasi, Daniel. “To a Turtle” 20.1
  • Blevins, Adrian. "Bloodline," "This Little Catalogue of Losses," "Memo" 27.2
  • Bloodworth, Stuart. “For Penny, My Student Worker,” “Shiloh,” “County Fair,” “Why I Write Poetry” 15.1
  • Bloodworth, Stuart. County Fair
  • Bloom, Ester. "The Gun in the Anne Klein Shoebox" 26.2
  • Blumenthal, Michael. “A Photo of Terezin,” “Le Choix” 20.1; “And After an Earthquake of Such Magnitude, What Can Be Said About the Gods,” “And the Dark Has Encapsulated the Nighttime, and the Trees Are Gone,” “And I Shall Cling to the Romance of Unattainable Love,” “And It Has All Come to Nothing, My Weeping and Railing” 20.2
  • Blumenthal, Jay. “Dark Passage” 4.3; “Burning the Train” 5.3; “Reunion” 6.3
  • Bly, Bill. “My Father Loved His Death,” “Ashes” 10.2
  • Boe, Marilyn J. . “Undressing” 6.3
  • Boes, Don. “Shoes,” “Snow Angel” 10.1
  • Bohac, Janet. “Refugees” 9.1
  • Bond, Bruce. "Purity," "The Visible," "The Desert Fathers," "Oracle" 26.2; "The Night" 28.1; "The Falling Sickness," "Blindsight" 29.2
  • Borden, William. “Greenspeak” 1.1
  • Bosch, Daniel. “The Second Coming” 4.2
  • Boss, Todd Ryan. “My Father Finally Messed Up a Job” 9.2
  • Bowers, J.. “A Contest Featuring Human Beings” 21.1
  • Bowers, Neal. “Cemetery Vandals,” “On the Elvis Mailing List” 2.1; “Quantities,” “Intensive Care,” “The Midway,” “Legend” 3.1; “Singing Dixie,” “Spells,” “Dinner with the Amnesiac” 4.2; “Confederates,” “Sugar,” “Heroics,” “Commission” 9.1
  • Bowling, Sam. “Namesake” 5.2
  • Boyd, Robing. “Edges” 10.2
  • Boyle, Kevin. "First Life, Then Death" 30.1
  • Bradbury, Jamey. “Ndahafa” 26.1
  • Brant, Beth. “Stillborn Night” 12.2
  • Bratten, April Michelle. "Love is all we ever had (and it was always enough)" 30.2
  • Brauer, Barbara Swift. “Lap Swimming” 24.1
  • Braverman, Madelyn. “The Accident” 1.1
  • Bray, Tara. “Several Mornings While Running the Dark Streets,” “To the Ruddy Duck During Hard Times” 25.1
  • Breeden, Susan. “Gift of Flight” 23.1
  • Brenna, Duff. “Shipping Curious” 2.2
  • Brewer, Gaylord. “On the Language of Demons” 14.1
  • Bridges, Grace Caroline. “On Mallory Docks” 5.1
  • Broadhurst, Nicole. “To My Father, Sparing Him,” “Last Night in Jamaica” 3.3
  • Brockett-Devine, Mary-Lou. “Kosher Dills,” “The Shadow Speaks” 14.1
  • Brody, Polly. “Ursus horribilis” 4.3; “Passing on Main” 8.1
  • Brouwer, Joel. “Inevitable” 12.1; “Confession of the Prison Cook” 12.2
  • Brown, Deborah. "It's Time," "Snow" 30.2
  • Brown, Bill. “Wood Carving” 1.1
  • Brox, Jane. “Farmer,” “Townscape” 6.3
  • Bruce, Bagnell. "The Peculiar Circumstance of the Parking Garage Level Minus 3" 30.1
  • Bruchac, Joseph. “A World” 2.2; “Picking Brussells Sprouts in December” 4.2
  • Bryant, Susan. “New Mexico Sky Series” 23.2
  • Buckley, Christopher. "Chaos Theory" 28.1
  • Budy, Andrea Hollander. “Dawn” 3.2; “The House at 2829 West 27th” 4.2; “Poem for My Brother, Manager of a Go-Go Bar in Roselle Park, New Jersey” 5.2
  • Buisson, Justine. “The Burren and the Irish as ‘Sublime and Beautiful’” 14.1
  • Bull, Ed. "Subtraction" 26.2
  • Burkard, Michael. “The Constable,” “If You Please,” “The Sunday,” “The Job,” “Clothes Which Are Moonlit,” “The Blueberry Money,” “The Man Who Made the Wallet,” “Two,” “Star Held in Eye” 5.3
  • Burns, Cullen Bailey. “Looking for Lebanon,” “The Tightest Ring” 5.1; “Tense” 23.2

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