Fall 2015

Edited by Andrea Spofford | Barry Kitterman | Amy Wright


What if the Drought Stayed

Alicia Mountain

what if the drought stayed
and smudged us into smoke marks
licking white walls hungry 

in some dirty daytime eden
beer was anyway cheaper than water 

we kissed our books, unfolded them in our laps


what if I stayed and droughted you

became left handed
inscribed distance on what is not strange

smaller and smaller mysteries
deft utensil jasmine bites, sips
leave the wisteria, eat the air around it


when the rain comes it will be nothing

like the cold morning wait
wind shutting the door
ambivalent alarms set early 

a tremor loud enough
to see the bay bridge ripple




Passing at the fish market, how brief
and broadly this came to stand
for the other side of a wall,
made it iridescent shimmering

I don’t want to touch
any more than to stand us beside
the winnower, her chaff
in our hair like snow if it could

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