Fall 2016

Edited by Barry Kitterman | Andrea Spofford | Amy Wright


​Things That, If Pressed, I’ll Say I Hate, for Tenable but Wholly Contrived Reasons, Because While I Recognize Plenty to Commend Them the Idea of Being the Seven Point Two Billionth Person Who Just Adores Them Works in Me an Overmastering Nausea

​George Choundas

• aloe vera

• apple picking

• Austin, Texas

• bowling, ironic

• breeds of dog that are hypoallergenic and will make someone else say no that can’t be which means inevitably you’ll say yeah I know you’d never guess it, ticking off in the course of a conversation that relates only marginally to dogs or breeds of dog

• car seat warmers

• A Christmas Story (1983)

• cider donuts after apple picking

• Cirque de Soleil

• clear blue water of [insert littoral place name] ’cause it’s so clear I swear you can see right to the bottom, the

• Cranston, Bryan

• dolphins

• double-decker buses

• former firehouses renovated to be something other than firehouses

• key lime pie

• kite flying

• Jaguar E-Types

• laughing while apple picking about how everyone’s looking forward to cider donuts while apple picking

• mermaids

• pad thai

• pink grapefruit

• principal that does the whole super-friendly thing and knows every kid’s name, the school

• R2D2

• red velvet cake

• Rossellini, Isabella

• salt water swimming pools

• scallops

• spiral staircases

• Sullenberger III, Chesley B. “Sully”

• sun dials

• Vienna

• vintage advertising posters

• xylophones as apple picking and the whole thing with the cider donuts, not so much



George Choundas has fiction and nonfiction in fifty publications. His work has been included in The Best Small Fictions 2015, twice nominated for a Pushcart Prize, and awarded the New Millennium Award for Fiction. He is a former FBI agent.

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