Fall 2016

Edited by Barry Kitterman | Andrea Spofford | Amy Wright


Letter to Flint Parents

​Kristie Betts Letter

Children should be tested as soon as possible


keep bright-eyed babies from sharp objects

while awash in corroded, concrete data


A level of 5-44 means your child has some exposure


yes folic acid, eschew shellfish, ensure

safeties until Flint waters flinch, but still


Some food will help keep lead from being stored in a child’s body


milk, oranges: but not juice, not cans of water mixed

concentrate on just calm, on keeping soft from sharp


Wash hands and toys often with soap and water.


take care, to take in, to parent, not parrot

then to hand the child the soft rubber duck


You can use unfiltered water for washing your hands or washing dishes.


gray expanse, lines mapping what lies beneath

surfacing of all fears, from gray faucet rumble


If you have to use unfiltered water, let run for five minutes.


slap the toy from the baby’s mouth, the wet yellow

leaded moment, leaden heart, led here and away.




Kristie Betts Letter’s work has been selected for Best American Small Fictions 2017, published in The Massachusetts Review, and will be featured at the PAMLA 2017 conference. KT literary represents her novel Snow and White

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