Spring 2017

Edited by Andrea Spofford | Barry Kitterman | Amy Wright


​America Tries to Remove a Splinter

Albert Abonado

don’t worry     this will be quick       my thumb on your palm


your thumb on my neck                      my wrist          quick


like your father                       like your mother


everything is   a shark is         a wolf is          quick


I have done this           once or twice  trust me          


if you do not have faith                       most ghosts  are the color of grease


my hand feels like a flame I put through your hair   


I can clip the ends of your toes until they are clouds


thank you  for your patience   which is unnecessary listen


to me when I say you do not need  to move  


you do not need to breathe      put your hand on my hip        


I swear                        a quickness      it will be over


and you will thank me you will not notice  how


I have put my hands inside your bones                       which are hollow


which are your father your mother    I have


your hand on my palm            how does this feel


the weight of a shark   your patience is rainwater                  


I have never seen        hands like these          do not


move  when I  say I am quick   I mean look up         the sky


is not  quick but  sad and still

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