Additional Selections from This Issue


“If you try to find him—” she said and trailed off to focus on her breathing.

I saw in her eyes what she was saying, though. If I tried to find him, I was his and only his.

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Mjölnir Swings East

In Iowa, lightning comes like a net on the

sky, every frayed ending making the most

of its incidence. 

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Heading Home

if you were awake you would say something

how fireworks have grown out of the ground

how there is the unknowing

the cannot know

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I did in the flags looking tight I did


in the crackers and spreads


in the newly cut bone

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The other side of blame is not causality. Banting, your actions have hurt no one and someone in the following ways: of a rented room in Ontario (single bed, $1 patent for insulin, floral funeral parlor carpet), of the first months in the lab (bloody apron, spectacles, heat wave); who’s counting how many more if it’s only the next one? 

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Nobody Knows How to Say Goodbye

A woman told you that, you don’t remember where or when. She had singled you out for one of those long, drunken conversations

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The puma, stalking. And though the ceiling

is naught but night sky,

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Waveland Mississippi, An Elegy

Treaded and unlaced by the cattails the dun-
colored old sneaker lies forgotten

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Three cockatiels crowd the birdcage, creep

across the bamboo perch

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America Tries to Remove A Splinter

my hand feels like a flame I put through your hair 

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, Even by Dan Beachy Quick

Thou still unravish’d bride of quietness.

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