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Interview: Just These Kinds of Questions: An Interview with Marcia Aldrich by Amy Wright

All art that is worth anything is connected to courage and truthfulness, to cracking illusions, and to emotional stamina. But much is explicitly made of the personal risk-taking of creative nonfiction and memoir.

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Interview: The Mystery of Past Habitation: An Interview with Sheep Jones by Amy Wright

There are many patches of colors from the underpainting that form a puzzle of images for me to find and develop.

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Interview: Language as Part Narcotic, Part Portal: An Interview with Kimiko Hahn by Amy Wright

I enjoy writing on a range of subject matter and in the case of the natural world, I hope to draw attention to the outer real world, even though I dovetail into the personal. For those not interested in science, these poems may be an offbeat way of learning about, say, extinction. For others, like myself, the sciences are intrinsically captivating, and a kind of portal into other themes and issues. . . But how would my poems inform events? By bringing artists (the “cultural intelligentsia”) and artwork into the conversation

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